Raj Nair was born in India, a published author of fiction. "The Exhibits" is his first film, about his own grandmother.

He is currently working (script and direction) on a feature film in his native Malayalam language and also a Thai short film.

Raj Nair is also an academic, teaching oral medicine, educated in India, Hong Kong, London and Harvard.


He currently lives with his wife and two children in Hong Kong.

In production

Punyam Aha: (Punyam Aham)
Feature film in 35mm
Script and Direction: Raj Nair
Production: Mirabilia Films
Synopsis: Malayalam feature film based on an infamous myth.


The Blind Mirror
Short film - DV - 15 minutes
Script and Direction: Raj Nair
Cameraman: Arunsit Itthagarun
Editor: Neung Itthagarun
Production: Mirabilia Films